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My story

Since I was young, I’ve loved taking pictures: I like the idea of freezing a moment in an artistic way. 

My professional photography journey started in 2016 after my small holiday camera got stolen during a trip to Malaysia. After that, I decided to buy a nicer camera and this is when I developed my artistic skills as a photographer. I learn about photography every day and take any opportunity to improve my skills.

I’ve worked as a photographer in West Africa, mostly Ghana, my home country; in France; and since 2020, in Toronto, Canada.

My second passion is travel. I’ve travelled in Europe (France, Belgium, Bulgaria, Netherlands, UK), Africa (Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Ethiopia, Sao tomé), Asia (China, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan) and North America (US and Canada). I am passionate about capturing landscapes, people and the history of the places I go to.

My third passion is music. I’ve been a music lover since I was young. In Ghana, I had a music production company. Love for both photography and music led me to develop a passion for event photography. Freezing moments, expressions, taking artists’ pictures while performing, is something that I thrive on as an artist.

Another passion is to try as much as possible to transcribe other people’s emotions through photography. This is how I specialized my work in four different areas: Events, Portrait, Lifestyle and Travel.

Taking pictures allows me to express myself, to say out loud what I can’t say with words. For me a picture worth a thousand words.

Why Delphy? My wife Delphine and I have done almost everything together since day one. She is my inspiration and support in everything I do. We named all our businesses with Del(phine)(Mur)phy so it was natural to give my photography passion this name as well.  

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